Scarlet Stone First and Last Porn


What do you think happens when a man hating feminist dyke like Scarlet Stone does FaceFucking? You should already know the outcome. This forgettable whore is someone who has deep rooted mental sexual issues who thought porn would be a great idea. Not only that, but she HATES men and yet here she is about to have her world rocked by two of them. Pauly Harker and Jay D showed this cunt no mercy and you can see the regret poor out of her. If you’re a dumb feminist or think porn is fun, you need to see this video as we destroyed an already lost soul.

Rikki (Spanish) Rumor


This Cuban import is Rikki rumor. It’s a good thing she’s doing LatinaThroats now before Trump builds that wall. The success rate with Latinas is pretty shitty seeing as most are quitters, but not Rikki. She came her to prove a point and make a name for herself. Rikki has been out to LA to shoot some porn so today she was schooled on how the East Coast does things. The guys stretched her mouth out by using their cocks for some hardcore face fucking. Then they wore out her cunt with some massive pussy pounding. Her friends warned her not to come here and maybe this puta should have listened.

Stevie Foxx in 1 Girl 1 Cup


I’m here to meet new internet friends! I’ve met all my best friends and fuck buddies on dating apps and other websites and I just love it idk. I think it’s really cool to meet people who are like me and looking for the same things. I like to dress up cute and I like anime, oh, and I also really love cock lol! As if it wasn’t obvious enough.. Anyway, hit me up if you wanna hang out!

Kylie Quinn is Tied up and Treated like a Whore


Fuck yeah! This week we have the gorgeous Kylie Quinn with us to get picked down and abused. This bitch is beyond cute which makes it that much sweeter. She asked her boyfriend the chode to tie her up and treat her like a little whore. we fucking love girls like that, girls that aren’t afraid of some rough sex. Chode tied her up and began the abuse, smacking her and shoving his dick in her mouth. it was great! she kept asking for more and chode delivered! This one is a keeper!

Portia Ravani and Ivy Bleu are Two Hot Cunts

Today, the leggy caramel skin whore, Portia Ravani, stopped over to say “Hello” and get fucked.  Ivy Bleu and Portia Ravani together?  You fucking know this scene came out awesome!!!  I had both bitches dyke out a little before Big D stepped in… but once he did, it was game on!  Both whores are known to get nasty in their videos, so watching these two spit and slap each other while cocks were shoved down their face holes and in their pretty cunts was amazing.  These bitches were treated like real whores.  I always say… if you’re gonna dress like a whore, I’m going to treat you like a whore.