Holly North


Holly North likes to embrace the black culture, but she doesn’t hang out with many black people.  Up until now, she’s heard of black people from her favorite movies and magazines.  Today, she will get personal with a real live one.  She will also have her throat stretched out with hard angry black cock… then her lily white ass bent over and fucked hard doggy style.  The black man knows only one speed when it comes to fucking, and that’s hard and fast.  Because she is a good submissive white slut, she is rewarded with his black baby sauce all over her face.

Fallon West


If you’re anything like me, you probably never heard of this whore… but you should. Fallon West is an import from the Ukraine, and let me just tell you this… they’re made differently there. These pigs are taught anal early on and they master it by the time they’re able to do porn. That’s why if you want nasty action, you go overseas. Today, we filmed this hog and she was great at everything. Every pump of the cock went balls deep. I don’t think she even had a gag reflex. Every inch of the cock stuffed her pussy and asshole. She didn’t even break a sweat having two cocks in her holes at once. Her only concern was if she was doing a good job. Yes whore… you did great.

Destiny Cocks


I knew this whore was going to fail before we even started. I called it. Destiny Cocks was here six years ago and guess what she’s been not doing during her time away? Practicing how to deep throat. She looks good, has a decent body and probably one of the top ten asses I’ve seen but damn this girl fights tooth and nail to get a cock down her throat. We did what we could to teach her… so take that into consideration when watching. Some chicks take to cock like a fish to water, others… well, you’ll see.

Onyx Rose


Sickly looking Onyx Rose came in tonight, probably thinking we ran a soup kitchen. Her malnourished body did all it could to withstand the hard cocks of Pauly Harker and Bootleg. Both guys pummeled flesh meat down her throat, however, her toothy face didn’t make it as easy or pleasant as you’d think. Today, she learned what rough sex truly is… and I don’t think she liked it. That’s ok, though… because we had a great time knocking this fuck hole down a few more pegs. That little hairless pussy was stretched out and destroyed and her face was coated with huge jizz loads. We did our jobs… now sit back and enjoy this awesome scene!

Sadie Pop


Obviously, the first thing I noticed about Sadie Pop was that’s she’s cute as a button. When I saw that smile, I could tell that she wanted to hook up. She had this eager look in her eyes that kinda gives them a little sparkle. She told me she loved to go on dating sites and meet up with boys so I knew I didn’t have to do much to get her over to my place.  I told her she couldn’t come over until she sent me a picture, just to mess with her a little bit. 2 minutes later she sent me a pic of her flashing her tits and asked for my address. Once she got to my place I realized how inexperienced she actually was. I finger banged her and made her squirt all over the floor and she started sobbing and crying. I sat her on my lap and asked if she was ok, she told me they were tears of joy and that she had never had an orgasm before! Well that was my cue. I went to town on her adorable little face and slapped her face with so much slobber I was slipping all over the floor. At one point she pukes and as soon as she catches her breath says “again”, and she gets it. Again and again for almost an hour. This is a really great date and one for the record books. Ttyl Sadie!

Crystal Lopez


Crystal Lopez and Scott Lyons are pretending to be brother and sister.  They look absolutely nothing alike, which makes this pretty ridiculous.  Bullshit aside, Crystal Lopez is fucking hot, though.  This girl’s body is just about perfect.  Who cares that she has fake tits.  I surely don’t.  Her perfectly toned body and great ass makes me wanna grab my cock and beat it like a red headed step-child.

Kiki Sweet


Everyone, meet Kiki Sweet… a self proclaimed “slut” and “whore”. She takes pride in knowing that she’s only a set of holes to make men cum. I had a good feeling about her and I was right. This whore “gets it”. She did exactly what she was supposed to do. Pauly Harker and Bootleg went extra crazy on her because she loves this shit. They gave her body a whooping with whatever was laying around the studio… all while ramming hard cocks down her throat and up her cunt at record speeds. Two big loads of nut butter on her exotic face and we called it a night!

Kitty Catherine


This cunt right here… comes in, wasting everyone’s time. She started off trying to act all coy. That lasted a minute before she cashed that reality check. All of us unloaded our rage on her, instantly breaking her. Tears, screams… terror. It’s no wonder she instantly tapped. We got through one horrific position before she said “Fuck this shit…” and bounced. Before she left, we gave her a parting gift in the form of two loads to the face. Then, I chased her black ass out the mother fucking studio.

Leilani Vega


Leilani Vega was like a fart in the wind… here and gone.  It’s a shame, because this girl had potential.  She’s gorgeous, nasty and really fucking cool.  After this scene, she went of to LA to do some work and next thing you know, she quit.  So, again, the LA porn scene fucked it up for everyone else.  However, before burning out and throwing in the towel, I had the opportunity to work with her.  She even gave up that sweet Asian cunt for hard black cock… a first for her.  Having never experience the black meat, she was nervous.  That’s ok… seeing that petite frame handle Spooky’s choco-stick was pretty exhilarating to her.  My guess… she’s going to be seeking out black cock in her personal life from here on out.  Anyway, enjoy this scene.  It’s awesome.  This pretty bitch gets gagged, spit on and verbally degraded… all by her request!

Stassi Sinclair


Stassi Sinclair is a nice and tender piece of fuck meat destroyed by Bryan Gozzling for Hookup Hotshot.  He shoves his meat deep down her throat, causing her to spit up some really slobbery mess that’s quickly smashed on her face.  That pretty hairless cunt and those big soft natural tits are used and abused until a thick jizz load is dumped on her pretty fucking face.  This dude is doing big things in the porn biz!