Mila Jade


We have a good one for you guys this week. Jovan and Isaiah needed there outfits tailored so they hit up the cleaners. They found the extremely shy Mila Jade working the counter. The fellas broke down the situation and the trio went to the back room or a measuring.  The measuring was going as usual, until Mila worked her way to the crotch area and thats when she noticed what the guys were packing. Her eyes were instantly glued to Jovans’ cock that was already rock hard from all her measuring. Everyone in the room knew she wanted to see the monster, so he whipped it out and she instantly blushed. Mila wanted some Mandingo Meat. Things escalated quickly before she could say “KUNG Po CHICKEN”, she had two big black dicks in her mouth. The double blow job turned into sex quickly, and to break tradition she went straight to anal while gagging on some cock and balls. This threesome was great, especially when she fired up the wok and took a cock in her ass and one in her pussy, DP Baby! This is a must watch.

Kharlie Stone


Kharlie was doing her homework when her dad came home with a work out buddy.  She knew her dad’s friend would need to use the washer and dryer, so she decided to hide in the dryer to surprise him.  She wanted his dick.  She did surprise him, but he wasn’t about to fuck his friends daughter, especially while he is in the next room.  But, Kharlie is spoiled and never takes no for an answer.  She’s also pretty fucking hot, so she knew he wanted her.  Turns out that Kharlie Stone can fuck and suck like a pro.  She was deep throating and slurping away like she was starving for dick.  Then she got her tight little shaved pussy slammed deep, just the way she wanted

Alyssa Hart


Tiny teen Alyssa Hart swipes right on Tinder then she sees her step brothers cock in full view. The horny teen is intrigued by his cock and cant help but finger fuck herself as a result. When her step brother walks in she knows shes totally going to fuck him, and she proceeds to get her tiny pussy penetrated in the process. See tight and tiny teens getting their pussies stretched by big, hard cocks at Petite18

Nikki Kay


So the old boys are on a beach adventure today. Duke had come across a hot little Latina named Nikki Kay at the mall. They had come to an agreement to meet at the nude beach. They were full of excitement as Duke described how pretty and sexy this girl was. Sure enough, when they arrived, they found Nikki tanning and looking so sexy. Soon after, her top came off, exposing her sweet titties and puffy nipples. The old gents then lathered her up with suntan lotion and she was kind enough to return the favor. Finally, they headed back home. Nikki dropped down on her knees and gave two of the boys a great blowjob. Then Duke took over and gave her a really good fuck while his buddies looked on. Who needs to go away on vacation when you got hotties like this at home!

Eva Long


Eva Long is one horny chick. She couldn’t wait for her husband to come home. So she decided to get it on with two door to door religious type dudes who knocked at her door. They just so happen to have what she loves and craves, big black cocks!! She let them in and started blowing both of them. They pounded her pussy all over her living room. One dick down her throat and the other one deep in her vaginal crevice. All culminating with two giant loads to the face.

Avery Brooks


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Brittney White


The ladies always want life to be more like the bad movies they enjoy.  Luckily, Brittney White saw a different kind of bad movie that gave her some ideas.  The movie made ropes and rough play seem so sensual and romantic.  Well they’re not, but they are fun.  In this update, you’ll see Brittney get her wish of being tied up and fucked like a rag doll.  Brittney White has an amazing body and a beautiful face.  She’s black, short, slender yet curvy, incredibly busty, has a great pussy, and a fat bubble butt.  All of these features are put to the test when Peter ties her up, and fucks the hell out of her.  He fucks her mouth, tits, and pussy like they were unbreakable toys, and you can tell she loved it.  This video really is uniquely hot, and you don’t want to miss it

Michelle Martinez


John wants to get off in a big way, but his massage therapist Michelle Martinez inst having it. He makes several advances only to be turned down by the Latin teen. Except when she sees how hard and thick his cock has become she takes pity on him. She straps him down and immobilizes him while she teases his cock head until he squirms in agony. When his pulsating cock finally erupts, the poor sap is denied his pleasure. Watch mean bitches get their kicks by humiliating guys during massages at Mean Massage!

Lexi Luna


Lexi Luna caresses your cockhead with her soft lips and rubs the backside of your shaft with her finger. She knows that your head is the most sensitive part, and she focuses intensely on stimulating it. She squeezes your pulsating cock with a tight grip and moves it up and down. She squeezes hard at the base of your cock making it even harder. This almost sets you off, but you try to hold back to no avail. Theres nothing you can do as your cock twitches in agony and when she finally lets you cum you do so intensely.

Harmony Rose


This is Harmony Rose and she came to GhettoGaggers with a huge price tag. Let it be known that if you’re not some fat slob and you’re an excellent piece of ass, Duke Skywalker will pay you accordingly. Anyhow, with the amount of money I spent on this ebony hottie, I wanted to make sure she was given the full GG experience. Things start off pretty lighthearted until shit got real. Bootleg and Jay D made it “not fun” fast with some hard slapping and shoving their cocks down her gullet at rapid speeds. I’m telling you, this whore’s mood changed in a blink of an eye and she even busted out in tears. But as you know, we never stop there and that’s when shit got even better. The guys stuffed her tiny cunt full of cock and shoved the biggest dildo they could find up it. Harmony is petite and the dildo was about the size of her calf…they kept pushing until her pussy was stretched to the max.