Stacy Adams


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Victoria Monet


Today on FaceFucking is Victoria Monet. This old cougar was probably pretty hot in her 20’s, but being a whore takes a toll. When she’s not in front of a cam being paid to have her holes fucked, she makes a living by slinging things from her cunt…from dildos to bowling pins, you name it. So we thought we’d have some fun and shove some ping pong balls up her snatch to see what she could do. Bootleg was kind enough to slam her head into the couch as he fucked her from behind. Then she got a face full of jizz as a classic ending for a not so classy slut.

Tiny Ebony


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Lily Rader


I’m new to the area and just started school. I want a guy to hang out with! Maybe go to the mall or the park after school? I’m not looking for anything serious but if you want me to suck your dick you at least gotta be nice and take me out SOMEWHERE.I swallow and I have nice tits so I know I’m a catch. I won’t just settle for any guy but I’m not that picky either! Message me let’s hang out!