Janessa Ortiz

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Janessa Ortiz is a sexy little 19 year old. Her ass is amazing. Seriously. That’s about the best thing she has going for her. Well, her tits are pretty sweet, too. They’re nice and perky… just the way Jimmy likes. Today, she took a step up from being a typical street whore and swung for the fences to be a porn star. Will we ever hear from her again? Probably not. I will give her props, though. She came in and did what needed to be done without any stress. Her throat was pounded, her ass was fucked and her tiny pussy was stuffed with Bootleg’s hard cock. She was a good submissive little whore.

Ricki Rockit

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Ricki Rockit is a fuckin’ boss. The chick has no limits and that’s what we love here. This chick was down for anything and trust me… when you give Jimmy a green light like that, you know something fucked up is going to happen. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but trust me… some of you may end up barfing more than these whores do. Let’s just say it like this… aspiring Ghetto Gaggers whores should watch this video and learn from it. This whore just fucking rocked.

Tiffany Kohl

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Although she showed up to our studio with only a carry-on bag, Tiffany Kohl brought much more emotional baggage. Someone has step mommy issues. Anyway, Tiffany isn’t the typical girl you’d see on our couch. She belongs on a couch, alright… but it should be for someone who is trying to help her with her problems… not fine folks like us who couldn’t care less about her stupid problems. All we want to see is her inhale hard cocks down her stupid throat. Oh… and that she did. Sad Tiffany cried all the way through the face fucking. Talk about massive boner material… this is the jackpot! This scene has intensity like the old Duke Skywalker days! We’re bringing back the misery!!! It doesn’t stop there, though! Watch her sweet bald cunt gets stuffed by hung meat missiles… tearing her cunt apart. She’s never been fucked like this. Two loads to the face and spoon feeding the bitch jizz at the end. What can we say… it’s amazing!


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Wow… what a fucking episode! There is more puke in this scene than I’ve ever shot before. Africa had her throat working overtime. Rome laid the ghetto heat on this bitch big time. Seriously… all I could do was shake my head. This has to be one of the roughest scenes we shot and Africa finished it like a beast! This scene has everything you could ever want… puke, tears, face slaps, gagging. It’s a home run.

Gia Marie

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Today we have Gia Marie. She kind of looks like Michael Spinks. Aside from that this is Gio’s first test shoot, so granted there are things that are quite wrong with the scene, but none the less I find it pretty amusing. Gia Marie was adopted by white parents which doesn’t quite explain why she’s here on Ghetto Gaggers. That being said, it’s a nice view into the minds of stupid bitches and how they work and operate simply for a few bucks. She took the cock down the throat and got fucked then sent home fucked over. I wonder what her parents will think.

Holly North 2

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Here’s what’s up… the girl we were originally going to shoot tonight showed up with a cluster of herpes sores all over her lips. Needless to say, she was kicked out of the fucking studio as quickly as humanly possible. After fumigating the entire place, we made a few frantic calls to find a replacement whore. The only one in the area that could make it on such short notice is Frumpy McGrumpy aka Holly North. She was literally just here, and no one really cared to have her back. We were told she’s going to do anal this time around. With no proper prep time, what could go wrong? You guessed it… EVERYTHING! We brought Gio up from the minor league to lend Harker a hand with the face fucking duties. That went well but as soon as her ass was split open… well, take a guess what happened. We shot what we could and then switched it up to pussy sex. Neither guy wanted to fuck this broad and I don’t blame them. Today, they had to put in work.

Danielle Sky

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Fucking yummy… Danielle Sky is a petite little piece of cunt with a pretty face and nice tan lines. Today, she came in to show that good whores come in small packages. It’s obvious she’s familiar with sucking down big fat cocks all the way to the belly because this girl had next to zero gag reflex. Trust me, we tried to get her to barf all over but nothing came out. She’s that good. What about the sex? I’m glad you asked. Bootleg put that tiny frame to work. We hit all the favorite positions and this little dynamo power fucked the cum right out of his cock.

Moesha 2

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Hey guys… remember Moesha? Neither do I… Apparently she shot for us a little over a year ago and she was so forgettable that I had no idea who she was. It was awkward her talking to me, remembering everything about me and the shoot last time yet I couldn’t remember a single thing about this dumb fuck. Well, she knew that for her return visit, she had to up the ante. So, she gave up her ass this time around. Pauly and Gio pummeled her throat, cunt and asshole good. We even broke her in with some DP. I’m sure our neighbors were close to filing a noise complaint with her screaming.

Nicki Blue

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There’s something about red heads that drive me up a wall. Typically, they’re cunts, or stupid… or stupid cunts. Nicki Blue got in here by telling our booking agent she was some sort of porn star. Given the way she fucks, I’d say she’s a big fucking liar. Absolutely zero enthusiasm!!! The saving grace of this video is that she is a completely submissive fuck puppy. She won’t look good doing it, but she’s a wet hole to stick your cock into. My favorite part of this scene is her stories about her she was used when she was growing up. Some of the stories are shameful, others just show her stupidity. Watching her talk about them while jacking off a big cock gives me a boner… but then again, I’m damaged goods, too!

Coffee Brown

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Coffee Brown is down with the rough stuff, but I don’t think she was ready for what Rome had in store. This dude laid the ghetto pimp smack down on this bitch hard. It took less than a minute for her to fall in line. He had her barfing all over his cock, eating puke and snot, slapped around like she stole something and just all around having a bad day. That’s bad news for her, but great news for you perverts because we’re delivering another amazing scene! Coffee Brown is one hot bitch who takes the punishment like a champ!