(Ghetto Gaggers) Juicy Jade

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Juicy Jade is a 25 year old working as a clerk in a sex toy shop. She’s pretty much done everything in the sex biz. She’s stripped, escorted and now making ends meet by barfing down on hard white cock for Ghetto Gaggers. When I say barf, I mean epic amounts. Juicy Jade was such a good obedient bitch today. She took the cock punishment like a seasoned pro. Even Harker’s heavy handed slap didn’t do much to sway her from finishing. This is a pig on a mission. Get ready for the gross, guys. This one is filthy!

(Jimmy Loves Porn) Ashlynn Leigh

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Cute teen Ashlynn Leigh and diseased dirt bag, Alex Gonz, go at it butt fuck style.  Ashlynn is adorable, especially when taking hard cock up her big 18 year old butt hole.  She gets railed pretty good… too bad it’s from that porno fuck up.  Regardless, her shit box is stuffed and a load is deposited right in her mouth.  Then, things get really weird.  Some total creeper old dude pops out and squirts milk up her ass.  As she shoots it out, dude opens up wide to drink it from the tap.  Ugghhh… dude’s cock was all up inside that he’s eating whatever remnants remain.

(Face Fucking) Molly Smash

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Molly Smash is a name you sick fucks should remember. She’s been 18 years old for only 3 days and her first stop is the world famous Facial Abuse. She told us that she wanted her scene to be legendary. That’s music to my ears! Bootleg had a field day with this girl. Honestly, the word “gross” doesn’t even do it justice. This pig barfed up some nasty brown crud, ate it, rolled around in it, ate snot… I mean WTF?!? Then, her tiny hairless twat got jammed with old man meat. On top of all that, she had quite a sob story to tell. Hands down, this will be a fan favorite for years to come!

(Cum Blast City) Casey Storm

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Casey Storm is hanging out with her husband’s brother, Brad. The blonde lady is having a great time talking about how weird her husband is, and when she realizes he has a smaller dick than his young brother, she is really curious to see what she missed getting married with the wrong brother. When the young dude takes off his pants, the mature lady grabs his huge-sized dick and jerks it bad, until he explodes with a massive cum explosion right in her sweet face.

(Sperm Suckers) Lyla Kennedy

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For an up and coming wanna-be porn star, Lyla Kennedy sucks cock like an old lady. You’d think there would be some enthusiasm involved, but you’d be wrong. I don’t know what to say… she’s awkward. She licks nuts like a squirrel and can’t really go deep. It’s more of a "what not to do" instructional video than a porn scene. It saddens me because this is their chance to show off their skills, but when they don’t have any skills… it just sucks.

(Jimmy Loves Porn) Veronica Rodriguez

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That creepy looking fuck, Talon, is heading over to his buddy’s house.  No one answers the door so he decides to just trespass into the backyard.  That’s when he stumbles upon Veronica Rodriguez.  Let me just say this… I fucking love this chick.  Sure, she doesn’t look as sophisticated as she does today but she’s still a super cute teen with an outstanding body.  Anyway, Talon catches her sunbathing and sex ensues.  He plows that sweet pussy and busts a load all over her face.

(Black on Black Crime) Sharea

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Sharea is a fine honey with ghetto fabulous blonde hair. She’s like the inner city version of Paris Hilton, but sluttier. She broke free from her hood to travel all the way to Philly to star in her first ever porn video. Moe the Monster and Spooky took turns having their way with her tight little body. She took all of Moe’s monster down her throat, almost making her suffocate… or as she put in “suffercate”. Shout out to whoever trained this bitch. She did her job and didn’t complain unlike most of the uppity whores that end up on our couch. This one was well behaved. For being such a good hoodrat, she was rewarded with two cum shots to her face.

(Face Fucking) Adison Asher

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If personalities counted in porn, this one would be a star. However, we’re a shallow business and it’s all about the looks. This one is a real dumpster fire. She’s obese, flippy-flappy tits, shaped like an egg and just all around hard to look at. Of course she was excellent at getting her face fucked. Pigs like this are used to being treated like trash. They’ll do anything in order to hang out with attractive alpha male types… even if it means having their worlds rocked. She also took hard cocks up her sloppy asshole. Long story short… she’s a pig, but she did what we asked. I don’t respect her or her kind, but I respect the hustle. Good job, whore!

(Latina Throats) Alexa Leon

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Alexa Leon is a big booty latina… and that’s about it. She really has nothing else going for her in life, especially when it comes to looks. I will give her props on being a good submissive little cunt. Bootleg did whatever the fuck he wanted with her and she sat there and took it. Her head game is tight. The girl has definitely deep throated some cocks before. She also excels at giving up that big shit hole. Watching her completely give herself away was fun. The whole time I just thought to myself, “Imagine how awesome this would be if she was physically fit and attractive”. Oh well…