Brianna Bentley is HOT


I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline and my buddy, Rome Major, posted a picture of him hanging with this sweet piece of ass named Brianna Bentley.  Damn… she’s fine as fuck!  Check out her twitter.  It looks like she did some work for MOM POV, too.

Bryan Gozzling is going on a Double Date


Bryan Gozzling just posted a photo of Gina Valentina and Melissa Moore from a new scene for his website, Hookup Hotshot.  This dude is on fire now.  He’s pumping out some really great material and the bitches love him.  I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Janine Selling the Goods (not the pussy).

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These Items Available for Sale at ABIBIDS

I used to love Janine Lindenmulder.  She was gorgeous.  I’ll be honest, I’d still fuck her but all those tats are kind of a turn off.  Plus, she plumped up a bit.  Don’t get me wrong… she still is super hot, but now in a trashy sort of way.

Apparently she is slinging some personal items on a website called ABIBIDS.  I couldn’t tell you what’s up with that since I’ve never visited, but if you wanna buy her bra and panty sets… go there.

In the meantime, enjoy these fresh pics.

Summer Knight brings Bootleg out of Retirement


Summer Knight has returned to GhettoGaggers for round 3. However, she’s not the star of today’s scene. That’s right, you fans have spoken and we’ve listened and pulled the legend out of retirement. The legend known as Bootleg! It was like the old times watching Bootleg and Pauly Harker team up to destroy Summer Knight. This whore may be pretty, but she’s down with the nasty which we specialize in. The puking, the slapping, the throat fucking, the pussy pounding, etc all added up to one hell of an incredible scene. Trust me, this is one you don’t want to miss.

Happy Birthday Karman Webb


Karman Webb returns for a solo GhettoGaggers scene. The first time she was here she was weighed down by the anchor, Jaime Fetti who sat around doing fuck all while Karman put in the work. Anyhow she was pissed the Jaime’s lack of performance affected hers so we brought her back. Anyhow Karman’s shoot is off the rails seeing as it focuses solely on her abilities. Listen if you can make past the first 2 minutes of this, kudos to you. Yes, it’s that fucking gross! This ebony whores throat is like a god damn Cracker Jack box, every cock thrust rewarded us with a prize. Then Pauly Harker and Jay D went to town on her black slit. That’s when things became shameful, humiliating, and emotions hit. Why? Because she was told to say just how much she likes white man cock. To make things even more epic, it was her birthday! That’s right we celebrated it in true Ghetto Gaggers style with the guys blowing their loads all over her face.

Desperate Arab Woman Fucks for Money

This pretty girl came to hotel in the middle of the night wanting room. The problem was that she only had foreign money. So I make deal with her to suck and fuck to stay in room for free. She sucked camera man’s dick too, she’s very good in fuck.


Spanish Broad taking this Long Cock

So this week we have some dumb Spanish broad with us, her name is Giselle or some shit like that, who cares? i just called her puta because thats what she is, she’s here trying to make it big by showing that cooter on film. Anyhow there was not much communication going on with this one, so i just got right to the business. i gave this bitch some serious dick, she was calling me papi and everything. then I. came. on. her. face! spooge biatch


Lonely Housewife getting Stuffed with 2 Monster Cocks

Sometimes being a plumber has it’s perks. Specially when the perks are sexy house wives whose husbands don’t pay enough attention to. My brother and I stopped by this huge house for a quick plumbing job. However instead of fixing shit all we got to do was lay some pipe. This desperate house wife was just waiting for some big black monster cocks to sweep her off her feet. I started shit off in the kitchen then my brother and I tag teamed the shit out of her. She was swallowing black dick on one end while getting pounded at the other. We slammed her pink hole all over that motherfucking house. Doing something her husband wasn’t able to do. Satisfying her needs with some huge black cock!.


Molly Earns Her Keep

Glen invited the old team over for a surprise.  Turns out his niece’s college girlfriend was staying with him while she took some summer courses, and she is HOTTT!!  She had mentioned money problems and kinda flirted, so Glen Felt that she might be ripe for the picking.  First, the gray gang peeped on her in the shower.  Then when she was done, the frail foursome sat her down to make her an offer.  It took some convincing, but the guys were good about explaining that it would be an afternoon of fun where everyone walks away happy and that she wasn’t the first or the last.  You need to see the body on this beautiful blonde.  She’s got a fit trim body, a great firm ass, and big natural tits.  The guys had a blast stripping her and exploring her sexy body.  Then she started giving the hottest blowjob, which turned into a double blowjob.  Gotta love those college girls.  She loved getting her perfect shaved pussy fucked while her big boobs bounced around.  She also seemed to really love cum, which is good, because she got a lot of it.


Liza and Glen Hit the Bases

Liza was sitting around with her Father and his buddy Glen watching the baseball game on a nice quiet Sunday afternoon, Liza wanted to do something naughty so she began to seduce Glen into fucking her. At first, its was subtle, she leaned over to him and placed her hand on his lap. Then she got closer and whispered “I want you to fuck me” to Glenn. At first, Glen was in total shock, He could not believe how bold this girl was being with him. He took her hand off his crotch and shook his head no! That wasn’t going to stop Liza one bit. She put her hand back on his crotch and began to pull Glen’s dick out. all while sitting on the same couch as her Father. Glen got up and tried to go to the kitchen but Liza followed. Finally, Glen gave in and let Liza suck him off in the kitchen, they then moved to her bedroom when Glen gave Liza exactly what she wanted.


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